EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is glad to announce that we have recently became a “Citrix Partner” which enables our company to provide tools such as XenSermediamplify blackver, XenClient, and many other virtualization options.  EGLA will be using Citrix Cloud-based tools and software, as well as Open Stack in its Mediamplify  Platform.  Instances in our multimedia delivery platform will be using XenServer tasks under development in our offices in Boca Raton, FL.

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Citrix is the major provider of software for the cloud including several products that include GotoMeeting, Podio, Sharefile, and many others software and platform tools.

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EQUINIX Data Center

EGLA is also glad to announce that as part of its plans and a member of the “Amazon Partner Network,” our company will be providing its Mediamplify cloud as part of the AWS network including direct connectivity to EGLA’s cloud in EQUINIX.  We can broadcast any content and use all the required tools form the AWS cloud, as well as provide competitive pricing from our own cloud.


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Mediamplify Music

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We offer a set of multiple genres and productions from around the world. Our API and cloud are designed to scale and meet all your music streaming needs.

Our platform is available in different formats:

  • Service Provider:  Cable Operators, Mobile Telecommunication Carrier, MVNO to supply musical content and streaming from your own network
  • IPTV and Smart TV Platform:  To provide musical content to Smart TVs, and IPTV Systems
  • Mobile and Tablet:   Enabling your mobile experience with adaptive bit rate streams.
  • Web: Supporting your web experience

For more information visiti: http://mediamplifymusic.com/  and http://mediamplify.com 

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We are offering different cloud options specially designed to satisfy your needs on web, mobile, and video applications.

  • IaaS:  Infrastructure as a Service, where we offer the entire set of infrastructure as a service end-to-end
  • PaaS:   Platform as a Service, as an example Mediamplify is offered both as a PaaS and IaaS
  • SaaS:   Software as a Service, likewise application developers and owner can enjoy of APIs and access our cloud/scalable resources.

We have several location or regions for our cloud:

  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Soon in Maryland, Virgina

And many other locations. We are releasing 10GbE access and software-defined routing components to create and manage several network infrastructure needs.

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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS has been certified as a “Minority Business Enterprise” by the Southern Florida Minority Business Council. As part of these efforts, EGLA is now able to participate in many programs and be part of corporate/government diversity opportunities.

Minority Certification Lowres

EGLA’s high technology offering will come in hand to serve our country in several ways. As part of this process, EGLA is also a vendor for several organizations including “Broward College” and many others.

EGLA is registered with SAM.gov, and many other online platforms for federal biddings.

EGLA will provide expertise in the areas of:

  • Multimedia Streaming : TV/Music/Radio
  • Cloud-based Computing
  • Data center and hosting services for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Services
  • Fiber and internet communications
  • Software Engineering and consulting




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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS has signed data center and fiber communications agreements with EQUINIX and TW Telecom. These agreements are dedicated to provide EGLA COMMUNICATIONS with multi-Gigabit backbones for all its multimedia and cloud-based platform delivers.  Thru this new agreement, EGLA COMMUNICATIONS will be capable to interconnect any cable or telecommunication operators in America over fiber links at speeds from Mbps to Gbps.  Content delivery and satellite replacement will be a reality for High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD) content.  Likewise, MEDIAMPLIFY MUSIC will be available in high-bit data rate feeds starting summer 2014.

EGLA is also currently in agreements to installing its cloud-based infrastructure at EQUINIX in Boca Raton, plus maintaining its presence in Michigan, California, and other locations

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EGLA COMMUNICATIONS was invited to participate in “Emerge Americas” Tech week held fom May 5th – 6th, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

We were on Table #1, our team is composed by:

  • Edwin Hernandez, PhD, Chief Technology Officer,
  • Mark D. Neppl – Business Development, and some other members.

Feel free to download our marketing materials at Marketing Documents

EGLA COMMUNICATIONS made it to the final round and was one of the finalist to present as one of the Top 10 startups in the event http://miamiherald.typepad.com/the-starting-gate/2014/05/emerge-tech-week-and-the-50000-winner-is.html.

We congratulate the winner! Good job Team EGLA!


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As of May 1st, 2014. EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is no longer a resident of the TBI at the FAU Research Park, but instead is has a new office at:

751 Park of Commerce Dr. Suite 128,
Boca Raton, FL, 33487

Also, in Honduras:

Col. Elvel  Pa. Miramontes , #2212,
Tegucigalpa, Honduras.



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Mediamplify Platfrom Web Updates

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February 18th, 2014 – Boca Raton, FL. Mediamplify® has updated and improved its web-presence in mediamplify.com  likewise has updated its latest product offering “Mediamplify Music” with this effort our platform will be focussing on gaining cable operators in the US, Mexico, Central and South America.  Mediamplify® truly amplifies your reach and enables service and content owners to monetize their media services and deliver this content, audio or video, to any device.   Mediamplify® is already powering DMX Media and delivering content to several operators in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and many others.

“Mediamplify Music”is designed for cable and mobile operators and can quickly scale in size, features, and integration capabilities with many billing systems.  Our platform is a cloud-based system offered for licensing or a “Platform as a Service.”  Mediamplify Music offers entertainment content in all genres, from Jazz to Latin, Rock, Christian, World beats, Oldies, Electronic music.


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(Boca Raton, FL).  SKY BRASIL is supported by our Mediamplify Cloud Platform now and the launch of SKY TUNES a feature of their mobile application for the Brazilian market, with close to 1Million downloads on Android and many more on iPhone.  SKY Brasil can support scalable and reliable systems in the cloud with over 100+ music channels at 256Kbps with no commercials with music provided by DMX2GO.  We are happy to complete this launch and support our customers and partners in this effort.


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DMX Media extends agreement with Multivisión Bolivia

The music development and distribution firm DMX Media has extendedits agreement with Multivisión Bolivia. Such extension will enable the firm to keep on offering the so-called Tiempo 50-music-channel portfolio in the MMDS operator’s digital platform.

The channels DMX offers Multivisión include different genre content, such as traditional jazz, classical rock, Mexican regional music, new wave music and alternative urban music. Therefore, DMX strengthens its presence in the Andean region, “one of the most growing areas in Latin America “, according to what Alejandro Cacciola, General Manager of the firm, stated in a pres release.

As a whole, DMX Media’s portfolio offers its subscribers 100 digital music channels. The firm has recently closed agreement with the Mexican Cablemás and Axtel and with Sky Brazil. Multivisión Bolivia operates in the capital city of La Paz, as well as in the cities of Cochabamba, Tarija and Santa Cruz. Kaon and Arion STBs are utilized for its digital service.

Src: http://nextvlatam.com/dmx-media-extends-agreement-with-bolivia/?lang=en

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